Here's where we'll be keeping you up to date with the progress of the Wetwheels project. 

Welcome to our Spring 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our Spring 2018 Newsletter Although our on-water season came to a close by October 2017, we do continue to run occasional trips over the winter, mainly fishing [more later]. However, the work does not end there. Our winter seasons are just as busy for us. We take time to learn from events we have run and we look at feedback from our participants, only then can we start to plan for the season ahead. And this year, we have learned a lot, we have listened a lot and we have planned a lot. Read more

Allaying Anxiety: New Video

Allaying Anxiety: New Video Wetwheels Solent launches new anti-anxiety video to support their participants Read more

WOW! ......What a year!

WOW!  ......What a year! ...and WOW what a busy year its been too! We have so much to update you with. Read more

and the excitement begins...

and the excitement begins... New Funding for people living with dementia Read more

Lots to tell you ...

Lots to tell you ... Hello! After our little break over the summer we have so much to tell you; there’s no stopping us now! Read more