Royal Navy Review

Iron Duke

We had the privilege of a Royal Naval boarding party on Wetwheels yesterday. Crew of HMS Iron Duke kindly laid on a dockside "stand easy" for early morning coffee and biscuits - it was easier than getting my wheelchair onto the ship.  Iron Duke has a special relationship with Jersey and since the new Wetwheels Jersey will be delivered in the next few months, the ship's company have also agreed to support Wetwheels Jersey too.

But with Iron Duke having a refit in Portsmouth Dockyard, only a few hundred metres from Wetwheels Solent, and with a visit of Andy Le Seeleur (Director of Wetwheels Jersey), himself ex-RN, the opportunity to get all of us together was too good to miss.

Iron Duke 2

After quayside refreshments,  our very own Captain Geoff Holt took the controls of Wetwheels Solent and gave a few of Iron Duke's crew a taste of something a little bit smaller than a Type 23 Frigate, although every bit as fast.

"It was a bit nerve-wracking having a bunch of Naval officers behind me as I took WW out of the harbour but thankfully I didn't hit anything even if my VHF radio etiquette was not perfect.  It was good to have a crew respond to orders, politely too, and not be stinking of fish and munching wagon-wheels like my usual motley crew - we love Paul really.  Each of the lads had a go behind the wheel and seemed pretty impressed with our little boat".

Thank you to Commander Tom Tredray for your hospitality and support of Wetwheels.  Although ID's refit will not be finished until after the Jersey Boat Show, a number of the crew will be coming across for the Show in early May. 

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