Tash Sails The Channel (with her mouth)


Monday 1st July, 16 year old Natasha Lambert will set sail from Boulogne in France to Dover in her 21ft sailing boat using only her mouth to move the controls - and we will be following every nautical mile with her on Wetwheels.

Tash has Athetoid Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair but this hasn't stopped her following her passion for sailing. Last year she sailed 60 miles around the Isle of Wight. She is an absolute superstar.

Tash has kindly agreed to raise money for 3 charities, including Wetwheels. Please do visit her website www.missisle.com and give what you can.

You can follow her progress on Monday morning by visiting any online AIS website and look for Wetwheels - we'll be somewhere between Boulogne and Dover.