We've won the Lottery..!


We've done it..!!  Wetwheels has been awarded a £17,000 grant from the Big Lottery Fund for a project that will take elderly people from residential care homes out for trips on Wetwheels next year.

Thank you to everyone who voted by sending in their coupons from The News, the Portsmouth newspaper, which ran the competition in association with Hampshire & the IOW Community Fund.

We are absolutely delighted. The real magic with the project is the trips will not only include elderly people in residential care in Portsmouth, we will also include small numbers of local school children under the age of 14.  In so doing, we hope the intergenerational mix will encourage everyone on board to share their stories and therefore better understand each others perspective on life.  An idyllic outcome maybe, but now we can at least give it a go and see what happens..!  At the very least, a lot of people who would otherwise be spending yet another day couped up in a residential care home or in a classroom, get an opportunity to do something totally unique that they will remember for a long time.  We will start contacting residential care homes in Portsmouth in the New Year to identify interest and trips should begin from May 2014 onwards.  The grant will not only cover the cost of the trips, but also every participant will receive a framed photo of their trip and there will be help with transport costs if needed.

Thank you again to everyone who voted.