Seeing Double - Wetwheels 2 is born


It was a moment of immense pride to see Wetwheels Jersey for the first time yesterday, laying at anchor in Osborne Bay in the Isle of Wight.  As we motored up to her in Wetwheels Solent, it was a surreal, deja-vu moment - just like looking in the mirror.  In just over a year since our visit to Jersey in 2012, Andy le Seeleur and his team in Jersey not only had the vision and foresight to recognise the benefit a Wetwheels boat could bring to disabled people in Jersey, they actually raised the money, placed the order and Cheetah Marine delivered their magnificent new boat yesterday.  Identical in just about every way to our original.

The Cheetah's were like a pair of cubs playing as they chased each other across the Solent - not quite the Serengetti, but you get the picture..!! As my wife rightly stated: "Two little boys had two little toys".

It was a case of "double-take" for passengers as we passed various cruise ships, ferries and boats on our way into Gunwharf Marina - thanks to Kevin at OnBoard Charters for his help in getting the photographs.

WWJ is currently on her way across the Channel to her new home in Jersey.  It is heartening to know that she will soon be giving the same pleasure to elderly, disabled and disadvantaged people that we provide here in Hampshire.

Now, who fancies the challenge of operating a Wetwheels 3?