Big Lottery Winners

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Last year we were successful in our bid to the Big Lottery for a grant to take people over the age of 65 living in residential care in Portsmouth for trips on Wetwheels.  On the face of it a fairly straightforward brief, it has actually proved quite a challenge, not least pursuading Care Homes and their management that this is something that might appeal to their clients.  We have persevered and it has been so worth it.  We are only midway through our Project but we have already given more than 50 elderly people this unique experience, many of whom are frail and often suffering with dementia.  Their Care Workers are providing us with invaluable feedback on the experiences of the clients - and very moving it is too.  If you read only one thing today, please please read this testimonial from a group we took out this week;

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"Our group consisted of Advanced Dementia, Down Syndrome. Personal Feedback from the group and how it helped our group was very positive - on the trip we learnt from a friend who accompanied one of our residents where the resident worked and pointed out not only the building, but the window he used to 'nip' out of in his lunch break to sunbathe on summer days! We also learnt from one of our residents about her life in Gosport and where she lived. In Dementia Care these are all precious memories and memories that may not have been possible had it not been for the trigger of this wonderful opportunity. We included a member of staff on this trip as a way of saying thank you - she has worked for us for over 22 years - she has Down Syndrome - she had a wonderful time steering the boat. One resident who communicates very little and during the trip seemed to take no part in the trip was talking all about it once she got back to the home. Our Managing Director joined our residents as did the Manager of the home on a previous trip. Both managers were so impressed with you and the opportunity you have given us and our residents. We, and the residents families, who have had great joy in seeing their loved ones out and about, can't thank you enough. We have three more trips planned - we will be sorry when these finish, but happy that we can recall those wonderfully happy moments."

I think that says it all.

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