Seeing Double in Jersey


Our season traditionally starts at the beginning of May with our annual pilgrimage to Jersey in the Channel Islands - and this was our 3rd visit - to coincide with the Barclays Wealth Jersey Boat Show. But this trip had an extra-special dimension and extra-special meaning for me personally - this was our first opportunity to work together with our sister-organisation Jersey Wetwheels and their identical boat, Wetwheels Jersey.


In our four days in Jersey, both boats made a total of 15 trips and provided the opportunity to get afloat to almost 150 local disabled and disadvantaged people of all ages, plus their families and carers.


With trips ranging from a blast to Corbiere lighthouse and back to a day out in neighbouring Guernsey, all of our passengers (and us too) had a really fantastic time, as always.  Just about everyone got to drive the boat at some point and a few of us lucky ones got to catch a few fish - we even saw dolphins which was really magical.


As usal our thanks to our hosts in Jersey - the Bridge Street Liberty Appartments must be some of the best accommodation on the island and, once again, the Royal Navy helped us in many ways, not least providing stand in crew although submariner Aiden seemed surprised to see the big orange thing in the sky!


Thanks to Andy le Seeleur, Dina, John, Howard, WWJ skippers Steve and Ollie but above all, thanks to the local groups, Earsay, Jersey Mencap, Bel Royal School, Mont a L'Abbe SChool, Jersey Cheshire Home, Jersey Society for the Disabled, Community Sport Jersey, Princes Trust, Jersey Brain Tumor Charity and Maison des Landes for coming out with us. It was a pleasure to have you on board.

The Jersey Boat Show is certainly a highlight of our year and we look forward to continuing that success throughout the forthcoming season.


1  Do you know any ex-servicemen/women (any of the armed forces / any age) who would like to come out on WetWheels for a free ride? If so, please email

450.spinnaker .tower

2  Still time to register your interest to take part in our charity abseil in support of Wetwheels.  We have reduced the entry fee to £50 so please give it some thought.  CLICK HERE for more details.