Outreaching in Poole


Wetwheels made a long-overdue visit to Poole recently where we were lucky enough to provide opportunities to get afloat with young people with disabilities between the ages of 5 and 9 from the Montacute and the Victoria Schools.  A total of 4 trips and 15 young people with profound and complex disabilities over the two days - and just about every child had the opportunity to drive - it was a memorable visit made all the better for seeing and hearing the reactions of our young passengers..! 


Thanks to Barclays in Poole; 4 members of staff, as part of their volunteering in the Community programme, helped us with our trips - thanks to Tim, Steve, Abbi and Louisa (pictured) who helped on the days with the children - from assisting with lifejackets and fastening down wheelchairs to completing crew manifests, we really appreciate their help. What a great corporate initiative which can provide practical help to charities.



One evening, we made the journey  up the Frome river to Wareham for fish and chips.  Most of the 6 mile journey was made with less than a foot of water under the hull, at times it was less than 6 inches. It was certainly worth it for the beatiful views along the river, I'm not so sure about the fish & chips.


We met an ex-stunt man on a huge 23 metre powerboat called Andy who fancied himself as a bit of a magician.  To be fair he was pretty good at his magic and managed to turn me into looking like a fool. Note to self: wearing a lifejacket to a cafe for lunch looks a bit wierd.