Spick & Span

WW.New Logo

Wetwheels is back on her berth at Gunwharf Quays after her annual refit at Cheetah Marine in Ventnor, IOW.

So what's new? Well, the two most obvious changes you will see from the photo above is the addition of the words SOLENT under our Wetwheels logo and that our liferaft is now mounted on the cabin roof from its old position on the aft deck.  However, by mounting the raft on the roof, Cheetah had to raise the stainless steel gantry on the roof so the Raymarine radar can see over the liferaft.

Under the water her hull was completely re-antifouled to keep weed growth to a minimum.  Even a small amount of weed can reduce our speed by up to 5 knots and cost us an extra £50 / trip in extra fuel.  You can see why we like her to have a clean bottom.

Regular users will see when they come we have updated our deck-mounted tie-down points for wheelchairs, thereby removing the old trip hazards.  We have a new deck hose pump so we can clean the decks (useful after those fishing trips) and we have fixed the heating so we can at least get out of the cold if necessary.

We have fitted wheelchair seatbelts in the drivers / helming position to stop wheelchairs moving about and we have added a stainless grab-rail by the helmsman's seat to make it easier for people unstable on their feet when getting into the steering position.

This week we are fixing a highly-sensitive, micro joystick steering system for those with minimal or no hand movement - it can be chin operated.  We are awaiting a new thermal imaging camera and hopefully we will have some new drop-down seats fitted to where the liferaft used to be on the deck enabling more people to sit in comfort.

All of the lifejackets have just been serviced and the boat has been given a deep clean and polish.

Thanks to everyone at Cheetah and skipper Keith for putting in their time and effort.  can all future visitors please ensure they wear clean shoes or arrive with clean tyres on their wheelchairs.  If not, we will unleash the Boss with her Mr Sheen and duster.